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Vancouver Storage Industry to get a shake up

So who thought the Vancouver storage industry could be sexy? We couldn't imagine it at first, but our new client could.

Here's an early read on what's happening with industry disrupter, Rob Buchanan, and his cool tech startup, Alluster.

Alluster is Vancouver’s only personal storage company to offer on-demand pick up and delivery service. What makes Alluster different than older storage companies is that they focus on micro storage solutions for the massive “condo” culture of Vancouver. Rob Buchanan, company founder, came to the idea intuitively by simply tripping over his snowboard (amongst other personal items) due to the lack of storage capacity in his apartment. Rob looked high and low for an affordable storage solution, but all he could find was surprisingly high monthly rental costs, for space that was far beyond his needs. There was no service for smaller, less complicated storage requirements. 

The solution, start a personal storage company that offers class leading customer service. Alluster comes complete with customer-controlled scheduling and valet service for delivery and pick up of personal items. All of it done for a low monthly rate. Here's a great Huffington Post feature covering the full story and here's a sneak peak at development, ...  

We are in the early stages of refining the Alluster brand, but we sure are excited about where it is headed. We are up to our ears in Digital Strategy including SEO, SEM, Display and Social Media Advertising.