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Check your website's search performance in 3 easy steps.

Hi, I'm Stu from Mesh. This week I want to encourage you to check your website's performance in Google in three easy steps:

  1. Find out what phrases people use to find your business using Google's External Keyword Tool.

  2. Search for your website in Google using SEO Centro

  3. Check the number of backlinks to your website with Majestic SEO

Free market research

Google's external Keyword tool provides information on the number of searches for a given phrase within your country and worldwide, per month. It's an excellent source of free market research. Their Traffic Estimator can even drill down to local areas such as BC, Vancouver and even North Vancouver.

Start by entering your website name, or a phrase that relates to your business in the search box, and click search. You can sort by local (Canada) monthly search volume, and make sure to select exact match in the left hand column to get the most accurate results. You may want to add a filter your results using the Advanced Options and Filters to show only phrases that are low, or low and medium competition, as these represent phrases that you may be able to improve your rankings for in a reasonable timeframe.

Discover where you rank in search results

Next choose two or three of the top performing phrases that you would like to rank for and enter them into Google one at a time and see where what the first page of results looks like, are you there?

A helpful tool to speed the process is You can enter the keyword, your domain, and even a competitor’s domain, and it searches through the first 50 results in Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is not possible to specify the country in this particular tool, so you may get slightly worse results than if you are searching manually because your computer is physically located in Canada, whereas this tool is not. 

Check you website backlinks

There are a number of tools online that help you check backlinks to your site. Backlinks are important because search engines trawl, or index, the Internet on a daily basis. Their robots, or spiders, 'read' the page, follow the links on the page, and record what the link 'says', i.e. click here; establishing relevance between the phrase contained with the link, and the destination the link is pointing to.

One of the most powerful tools for checking links is Majestic SEO. Simply enter your domain name into their Site Explorer search box, and you will see the number of links that they have indexed to your website in the last 30 days, or your entire history. You can also enter you competitors' web address to explore their backlinks. Backlinks are the main signal that search engines work with to understand the value of your website. To out-rank your competitors you need to build a body of links on the internet pointing to your website.

How did you do?

Try these three steps on your own website this week, and let us know how you get on!