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Build your reputation as an expert online.

In June of this year Google announced that they would support the rel=”author” and rel=”me” markup. This simply means that they would now take this existing coding language and incorporate into their search results algorithm.

Google said:

“We know that great content comes from great authors, and we’re looking closely at ways this markup could help us highlight authors and rank search results.”

 You can read the full article here.

So why is this important for your business?

This change in methodology from Google and other search engines offers you the possibility of staking your claim as an expert in your field, and using your online activity, such as blog writing, and tweets to improve your website's search position. Now you can add code to your website that allows Google to correctly attribute articles you have authored, an can even include these article titles in search results below your name.

In order to implement the rel=”author” code you need to link your webpage to your Google Profile. If you haven't already created a Google profile you can do so at by clicking in the sign-in button in the top right hand corner and signing up. You then need to add the piece of code to your webpage that contains the rel=”author” tag. Full instructions can be found here Claiming your content online using Google+.

Now that you've created the connection between Google and your website, now you have to get busy sharing your expert opinions. As with all online marketing, the most important thing is to provide value. Share advice, tips and ideas from your informed position that answer questions that potential clients have about your area of expertise.

Link to other professionals that you feel are adding value to the conversation, and continue to build a relationship with your audience without expecting a quick return. Allow yourself to be surprised by the outcomes when they happen, and maintain a generous frame of mind as you post online.