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Achieving your online potential

Developing a strategy for Internet marketing is no different from strategic thinking in the physical world. What is unique about your business? Who are your priority customers? How do you connect with customers? What are your competitors offering?

A significant advantage in online marketing is the volume of qualified information that you can gather about your customers, their browsing habits, and exactly which ad or offer, keyword or webpage they saw that led them to your website or product.

We start by working with you to assess your website's strengths and weaknesses as well as analyse your competition. We then set goals for your online strategy, picking out waypoints that help us map your progress along the way. At this stage, we also establish the tools by which we can measure success as we work.

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How we plan for your success

The starting point for any business is demand. We assess demand by using data that Google and other search engines release about words or phrases that people search for. There are over 2 billion searches per day in Google alone, so the volume of information that is available is staggering.

We use software tools that analyse this information and indicate the level of competition that exists for the word or phrase. This tells us whether other people are selling products or services online that relate to the phrase, and the number of times per day the phrase is searched for. We can even drill down to your country, province or town.

Once we've confirmed that there is demand for your business we begin the process of strategy development. If your business is unique or unusual then it's often possible to get to the top of search results quite quickly as the number of websites you're competing against is low. If you are in a more competitive market then we work with you to find niche opportunities within the market that you can dominate more quickly, whilst building towards a high profile in the broad area.