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PPC - Paid Search Marketing

Pay-per-click is a model of internet marketing that allows you to reach your audience instantly online. PPC results appear on the top and down the right hand side of a Google or Bing search page, and are also displayed in advertising blocks on web pages across the internet.

PPC offers you complete control of your online marketing. You can specify a geographical boundary within which you want your ads to be displayed, your maximum per-click bid, your daily budget, and which keywords you want your search triggered by.

Mesh helps you structure your PPC campaign correctly, with individual ad-groups tied to a group of tightly-themed keywords, professional ad-content, and an appropriate landing page. We monitor your campaign on a daily basis to ensure that each ad-group is capturing appropriate leads, and that your return-on-investment is secured.

Each month we provide you with an update on your campaign and suggest improvements that will increase traffic and grow your business.

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