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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the name given to the process of modifying a website's content to increase it's visibillity in search engines. This can include upgrades such as improving the quality of the content to have more descriptive information on the site; improving the coding of the website to reduce loading times; and ensuring that relevant keywords are present in navigation links and headers.

There are four key elements to our work:

1. Assessment

The first step is to take a dive into your website to see how it's performing. We look at your website structure, links, content, urls, site speed, and position in search results.

We also look at search demand to understand how many potential customers are out there, and the keywords they use to find you.

We come back with a detailed report on how your site is performing, any areas where it's not following best practices and adhering to the standards for search engines.

2. Strategy

Based on the assessment we develop a strategy that is unique to your business and focused on achieving your business goals online. Every strategy will be a combination of on-page modifications, link-building and content generation, but the blend of this work will be different depending on the competition levels in your niche, and your budget.

Our strategies are outcome-orientated, and we value transparency in our relationships with clients - we explain how we work and educate you along the way.

3. Implementation

Once we've agreed on the strategy we move to implementation. We work with your web designer to implement the necessary changes to your website to optimise it for search engines.

Each page of your site should have a clear purpose and unique tags. We verify the links within your site and ensure that the relevant keywords are present on each page. Our link building campaign ensures your website is highly visible to search engines. We focus on high-quality links, ensuring that they are contextual and contain relevant anchor text.

4. Evaluation and Iteration

During the implementation we install code on your website that enables us to track the progress of our campaign. We also track the performance of your website in search engines for the target phrases - how high you appear in search results for a given search query, and how you compare to your competitors.

Each month we review progress with you, identify any areas of the strategy that are under-performing or require adjustment, and roll these changes out in the following month. Our goal is for you to understand the process, and for your knowledge to grow as we work with you.